In 1999 I was first licensed as a real estate sales agent in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2002, I became the operations manager for a large residential real estate appraisal company, and I eventually became licenses as a real estate appraiser in 2003.

For nearly twenty years I have represented major banks and lenders in determining the value of their investment in residential and small income producing properties.


I have a passion for advocacy. Whether it is leading the media effort that led to Mitt Romney's election to governor in Massachusetts at just 28 years old, or fighting government corruption as a morning talk radio host in Bloomington, Illinois, with the #1 rated hour in talk.

Making sure those I represent get the best possible deal done for them is not just my priority, but is the very essence of who I am.

Las Vegas is growing, and while your real estate investment grows in value it also provides passive low tax income to you.

Let me help find you the right home or multi-family here in the best city in America.